Islay Whisky

Whisky from Islay has been described as the ‘liquid gold’ of Scotland. With its distinctive smokey flavour and deep smoky aroma, it’s no wonder that Islay single malts are some of the most sought-after whiskies internationally. In this article we’ll explore why these legendary drams remain so popular today and what makes them unique.

It is famously known for being heavily peated while having notes of sea salt, iodine and dried fruits – giving each bottle an unmistakable character unlike any other spirit. These complex flavours combined with an intense finish make Islay whiskies stand out among their peers; few can match up to such complexity or boldness!

The allure behind drinking whisky from Islay goes far beyond its flavour profile however, as many people feel inspired by its origin story and rebellious nature.


The first known distillery on the island was the Bunnahabhain distillery, which was founded in 1881. It is an iconic producer of Islay single malt whiskies.

Port Ellen is another famous distillery from Islay, having been established in 1825. Its production stopped in 1983 but it remains well-known for its Scotch whisky legacy.

Port Charlotte and Port Askaig are two other notable producers of Islay malts, both founded around the end of the 19th century. Caol Ila is among the most widely recognised brands on the island, having opened in 1846.

Distilleries on Islay

There are eight distilleries on Islay producing this unique style of whisky: Ardbeg, Bowmore, Bruichladdich, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila, Kilchoman, Lagavulin and Laphroaig. Each distillery has developed its own signature style over time – from smooth & fruity to intensely smoky & peated whisky.

When you’re looking for an authentic Islay single malt experience there are some things to consider. Most Islay whiskies have cask strength which means they reach higher alcohol content than standard bottles so should be consumed with care. They also tend to be more expensive due to their limited production techniques and dedication to quality ingredients. Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes each distillery special:

  • Ardbeg – The ‘Ultimate Islay Malt’ with intense smoke and richness;
  • Bowmore – Balanced sweetness complemented by notes of citrus zest;
  • Bruichladdich – A light floral character balanced by robust peatiness;
  • Bunnahabhain – Lightly smoked with subtle earthy undertones;
  • Caol Ila – Delicate smoke and sweet vanilla flavourings;
  • Kilchoman – Smooth texture with rich layers of complexity;
  • Lagavulin – Bold intensity combined with deep flavours of caramelised sugar;
  • Laphroaig – Classic seaweed salty characteristic rounded out by campfire aromas.

These distinct characteristics make every bottle produced in Islay something truly special – no matter where your tastes lie there’s sure to be at least one dram that suits them!

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Independent bottlers

Hunter Laing is an independent bottler with a range of premium whiskies from Islay as well as other Scottish regions. They have several limited edition releases made exclusively for them at various distilleries on Islay including Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Caol Ila, Lagavulin and Laphroaig.

The selection available from each plant varies from one year to the next but typically includes everything from heavily peaty styles like Bowmore Mariner 15 Year Old Single Malt Whisky to more delicate expressions such as Bunnahabhain BA Sherry Cask-Aged 10 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. With so many delicious choices available it can be hard to choose!

Types Of Whisky Made On Islay

The combination of unique local ingredients, peaty water and expertise makes Islay whiskies some of the most sought-after in the world. These producers offer a variety of single malts and exclusive bottlings, including Machir Bay.

Whisky maturation is an important part of how whisky is made on Islay. The process begins with malt that’s carefully smoked over a peat fire to give it its distinctive smoky flavour.

Then, it’s aged in oak barrels for at least three years before being bottled and sold. This slow maturation process helps to create complex flavours and aromas that can’t be found anywhere else.


Islay whiskies are world-renowned for their bold and briny flavour. The taste is so distinct that it’s often said to be an acquired taste, even for Scotch connoisseurs! But for those who love the smoky and earthy flavours found in these bottles, there’s nothing quite like them.

The unique characteristics of Islay whiskies come from the production process itself. This includes using malted barley that’s been dried over a peat fire – a traditional method dating back centuries which gives the whisky its distinctive smoky flavour.

These days, you can find both young and old Islay whiskies with various ages ranging from 8 years up to 18 or more years old. Some Japanese whiskies also use this method of drying malt with peat smoke before being matured in oak barrels.

Peat & Smoke

Peat plays a major role in the production. It is sourced from ancient, low-lying bogs on the island and used to dry malted barley during kilning. This process imbues the final product with an unmistakable smoky character that has become synonymous with Islay whiskies.

The peat smoke imparts different levels of intensity depending on how long it’s exposed to the malt and what type of peat is used. The longer it’s exposed, the more intense the flavour will be; similarly, certain types of peat can lend unique flavours like heather or citrus notes. All these variables result in a wide variety of expressions found among Islay distilleries.

Best Bottles To Try

Here are some great bottles to try:

* Ardbeg 10 Year Old – This smoky single malt has hints of pepper and sweet citrus that make it perfect for sipping neat or adding to cocktails.

* Bruichladdich Octomore 07.3 – An intensely peaty whisky with notes of smoked bacon and dried fruits, this is one for those who like their drink intense and complex.

* Laphroaig Quarter Cask – A classic whisky balanced between smoke, salty sea air, and sweet caramel flavours, this is the perfect choice for any occasion.

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Islay Festival of Malt & Music

The Islay Festival of Malt & Music is an annual event held on the island that has been running since the late 1990s. This festival celebrates everything from music to malt whisky with traditional ceilidhs, tastings, masterclasses and more.

At each of these festivals, attendees can sample some delicious whiskies while learning about their history and production processes. They’ll get to chat with distillers who will give them insight into how they make their product – something you won’t get anywhere else! There are also plenty of opportunities to purchase rare bottles or special editions at a discounted price.

Festivals celebrating Islay whisky offer so much more than just tasting experiences – they’re immersive events where people come together to share stories, learn new things and simply enjoy themselves amongst other like-minded individuals.